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Recent Tips and Articles by Timbrecon Renovations

How To Know If My Windows Need To Be Replaced

Windows and the technology that goes into designing, building, and installing windows improve each and every year. Because of this, old windows pale in comparison to their newer counterparts. Buying replacement windows and hiring an appropriate remodeling contractor for the installation is a big decision. There are […]

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How To Know If Building A Deck Is Right For Me

Hiring a deck builder is a great idea if you'd like to increase the square footage of your house and give yourself a comfortable outdoor living area. But how do you know if you should do it, to begin with? In most cases, adding a deck to […]

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How Can Basement Finishing Improve My House’s Value

A lot of houses in northeast Massachusetts have unfinished basements. This means the basement is still in its bare bones, with cement flooring, exposed foundation and plumbing, and bad lighting. These traits, along with the general bad-rap basements receive, can make a basement a scary or […]

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