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Exterior Remodeling To Keep Your Property Looking Your Best - Inside & Out

When Wilmington homeowners think of remodeling, their minds oftentimes go to shiny white bathrooms or high-tech kitchens, but exterior remodeling to keep your house updated is just as important, and sometimes even more important, as keeping your interior updated.

As the first line of defense against the elements and your last line of defense for your cozy or refreshing interior temperature, your house's exterior is paramount to a good quality of life. For instance, old siding may increase your electricity bill by allowing heat or A/C to seep out, and old windows and doorframes may not have proper weathering insulation, causing moisture to penetrate your walls.

Updating your house with exterior remodeling is more than just a method for increasing curb appeal and property values; it's a way to ensure your life in Wilmington is of the highest quality it can be.

Window replacement

Replacement Windows

Each year it seems that there are improvements in window development. Indeed, the windows from the 1950s are like a stone wheel compared to today's windows. Not only has the quality of the glass itself improved, but the method used to make the glass stable, resistant, and resilient has also improved. Nowadays, you can expect windows to be able to block UV rays and keep the temperature outside from permeating your interior. In addition, windows are now easier to operate and more secure than those in the past.

But windows from the 50s aren't the only windows that need to be replaced. As we mentioned before, each year windows get better and better each year, so replacing your windows every 15 to thirty years is a great way to keep your house up-to-date. And for homeowners that value efficiency above all else, replacing your windows every 10 years will help you maintain the highest energy efficiency within your home.

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To schedule a remodeling contractor for Wilmington to replace your windows with our exterior remodeling services, give us a call at 978-447-1195.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is an inexpensive yet resilient material that can last decades if treated properly. Vinyl siding is proficient at protecting your house against the elements and can be easily cleaned as well. For these reasons, vinyl siding is the most common exterior material used on modern houses.

At Timbrecon Renovations, we are experts in everything exterior remodeling, including replacing or installing vinyl siding. In addition, our many years of experience in the industry have taught us a thing or two about design, so we can assist our clients in picking out the most aesthetically pleasing yet efficient siding on the market.

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To learn more about siding and exterior renovation to improve your Wilmington home, give us a call and speak to one of our staff members.

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